GEF grantee begins leave exhibition to wrap food


A grantee of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), Environmental Management and Development Trust (EMADET), an NGO, has began the exhibition of wrapping leaves to turn local hot food.

Its Director of Programme, Mr Alade Adeleke, said when GEF Inspection Team paid inspection and evaluation visit to project site of EMADET in Ile-Iran, Ayedire Local Government Area, Osun state.

GEF supports EMADET with a grant of 49,938 dollars to execute a project titled “Integrated Agro-Forestry, Waste Management and Livelihood Enhancement in Ile-Iran and its environs.

Adeleke, who called the wrapping leave as Thaumatoccocus danielli or Ewe-eran in south west, Nigeria, said it is a kind of leave that is used for wrapping hot local food.

According to him, women use it in wrapping bean cake (Moin-moin) and corn meal (Eko or Agidi) in major urban centres.

He said that his organization began the exhibition of the leave to showcase the advantages of the use of leaves for wrapping local hot food.

“Another thing we noted was that new generations were losing cultural method of using the leave to turn the food.

“When the mother does not know how to turn the leave, how will the child know how to use the leave?

“So, we brought about ten children together to do competition on how to quickly turn the leave so that they will know how to use it domestically.

“We introduce the leave exhibition and by the grace of God, EMADET will continue the leave exhibition annually,’’ Adeleke said.

He said that the organization also observed that the traders of the leave had to travel out of Osun state due to non availability of the leave.

“Women that sell the leave around say they use more days to go and get their products. Some travel to as far as Edo state to get the leave.

“This leave grows where forests are intact. It can only grow with cocoa agro-forest. When you plant cocoa, it is only forest ecosystem that grows it. So, cocoa agro-forest mixes natural forest,’’ he said.

According to him, the leave grows in the floor of agro-forest plantation. Ordinarily, it spreads easily and it grows through its own root and multiply easily.

“It used to occupy the tropical rain forest easily without any problem but where forest is depleted, the leave will be off,’’ he said.