Genital Mutilation causes difficulty in child birth -Paediatrician


A Paediatrician with Enugu State Teaching Hospital, Dr Juliet Ochi, says Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) can cause difficulty in child birth.

Ochi said FGM could also deny women sexual satisfaction.

“One of the problems a girl child is likely to experience in life due to mutilation on her is lack of sexual satisfaction when she grows into adulthood because the exercise involved cutting off part of her genital organ that helps a woman to get satisfaction sexually,” she said.

Ochi added that the cutting of the clitoris on the girl-child could lead to difficulty in child delivery because the part cut off could no longer stretch itself as such, difficulty in giving birth would occur.

According to the medical doctor, most of the mutilations carried out on female children had always brought about many health problems.

She further explained that the exercise could lead to excess bleeding on the child which could lead to the child’s death.

World Health Organisation said: “Female genital mutilation includes procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organ for non-medical reasons and health benefits for girls and women.
The procedure can cause a severe bleeding and problem urinating, and later cysts, infections as well as complications in childbirth and increase risk of newborn deaths.”

She noted that some of the complications resulting from the mutilation of a girl’s genital cannot be reversed, urging parents to be very careful in handling their children’s health issues.