German Chancellor visits Nigeria

Adoba Echono, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

The visit of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel will focus on security issue and strengthening economic ties between both countries.

The Nigerian Ambassador to Germany, Yusuf Tuggar stated this in an interview with Voice of Nigeria in Abuja.

President Muhammadu Buhari will on Friday play host to the German leader, two days after the visit of the British Prime Minister Theresa May to Nigeria.

Ambassador Tuggar said Chancellor Merkel would be coming with business delegation to explore investment opportunities in Nigeria.

“The German Chancellor is coming with business delegation which is very important and more opportunities will be created, explored and cemented between German and Nigerian businesses. 

 “We have strong economic relation with Germany over the years,” he said.

“One of the major challenges in recent times has been how to attract German medium size businesses to invest in Nigeria.

“The backbone of German economy is essentially made up of medium size, family owned businesses. This sort of step requires cooperation and support by both governments to facilitate the investment and minimise risk,” the envoy noted.

He further stated that, “This of course fit into Nigerian Economic Recovery and Growth Plan and the presidential enabling business council.

 “On the German side, they know the importance of this medium size companies and they try to support them and see that they take an increasing role in a globalised world.”

Ambassador Tugga disclosed that security issue, particularly in north east would also feature in the discussion between the two leaders.

“We need support to address security issues particularly in the north eastern part of Nigeria.

 “As people are returning to their villages and towns and begin to normalise their means of livelihood, which is mostly farming and trading, there is a need for global support to rebuild communities,” he said.

The envoy said the Oslo II conference which aims to raise fund to address the humanitarian crisis in the north east would take place in Germany in September.

“Germany had been a very significant Nigeria’s partner and there is still a lot we can do with Germany,” he said.

Ambassador Tuggar said though the visit is short, he explained that is it equally very important and underscores the importance of Nigeria on the globe.

Sammie Idika