Germany donates 70 million Euros to Nigeria


The German government has provided seventy million euros to the Nigerian government to sustain economic, health, and infrastructural development.

This was made known at the ministry of Budget and National planning, where the Nigerian Minister of state Mr Clement Agba signed an agreement with the German representative Mr Christoph Rauh to that effect.
Mr Rauh further specified that the funds provided aims at enhancing renewable energy among other things.
“We will specially specifically focus on the creation of employment, we will focus on technical vocational training, we will also give some extra financing to the area of infrastructure. We also try to strengthen resilience especially in northeastern Nigeria”, he stated.
Minister of state Budget and national planning Mr Clement Agba expressed gratitude to the German government to both nations age old relationship
It is essential to note that we have both had a long standing bilateral development cooperation based on trust since 1950. 
” I commend the commitment and untiring effort of the German government in this respect”, the minister said.
The minister further affirmed proper execution of projects agreed on by both governments and assured that the fund provided will be properly utilised in the interest of Nigerians.
He affirmed that necessary efforts are in place to ensure that the opportunities offered by these interventions and other similar initiatives are not misplaced.
Lateefah Ibrahim