Glamour Girls remake to hit cinemas


Following the success of the remake of ‘Living in Bondage’, the executive producer, Charles Okpaleke, has bought the rights to another Nollywood classic, ‘Glamour Girls’.

Mr Okpaleke, confirmed on his Instagram page that a sequel to Glamour Girls would soon hit Nigerian cinemas.

Okpaleke also owns the sole rights to ‘Living in Bondage’ whose sequel recently achieved blockbuster status in Nigeria having grossed over N140m within the first few weeks of its release.

‘Living in Bondage: Breaking Free’ marked Okpaleke’s debut into Nollywood as an executive producer. The movie is still showing in cinemas nationwide.

Living in Bondage – considered the first Nollywood movie – was described as the most daring and ambitious movie at the time. It was a deviation from the stereotypical themes of rituals, family squabbles; rather the focus was sex, power and fame.

Glamour Girls

Written and produced by Nigerian filmmaker Kenneth Nnebue, the movie told the story of a village girl whose desire for a better life got her to take a questionable job in Lagos.

It also had quite a number of memorable moments like the Zach Orji famous bathroom scene with Eucharia Anunobi.

Both actors posed topless in the bathtub frolicking with each other. Not surprising, the scene garnered so much criticism that it led to Orji’s suspension from church but not without making him a household name. In defense, the producers said Anunobi was not naked but was wearing a body suit.

The movie’s success l+d to a sequel which, although not quite as successful as the first, had its own fair dose of controversial scenes.