Global Air Travel picks up


Air travel is slowly picking up globally thanks to a recovery in domestic flights, with countries in the Asia-Pacific region accounting for half of the top 20 markets, according to travel data analytics provider Cirium.

Vietnam, Indonesia and South Korea are the only countries in the world to show growth in domestic air travel in July compared with the same month last year, while China and the U.S. dominate in the number of flights operated, Cirium said in a report.

There are 413,538 domestic flights in the U.S. scheduled for this month, down 46% from a year earlier. China has 378,434, though capacity is higher there, according to the report.

“The figures reveal a fragile but cautiously resurgent market, as the air travel attempts to recover from the worst collapse in its history,”  Cirium’s director of market development Alistair Rivers said.


Amaka E. Nliam


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