Gombe Governor visits ravaged communities

Rebebbca Mu’azu, Gombe


The Gombe State Governor, Muhammadu Yahaya has directed the State Emergency Management Agency to take the statistics of farmlands and other property destroyed by floods in the two local government areas.

This is for corresponding actions to be taken.

The Governor said this during his tour of Dukku and Nafada Local Government Areas.

Governor Yahaya also directed the agency to report to the Federal Road Maintenance Agency, the condition of the bridge by Nafada/Ngalda communities, which is almost cut-off due to erosion, especially the effect of the recent flooding in the area.

He said he would make sure the situation was addressed immediately, while ensuring that the state government takes steps to remedy the situation before the Federal Road Maintenance Agency would take care of the situation.

Palliative measures
Governor Yahaya said he had to come by himself to assess the level of damage inflicted on the people by the rainstorm.

He promised to provide necessary palliative measures prepared both in the immediate and long term basis.

“In the immediate, we have arranged the State Emergency Management Agency and reported equally to NEMA to come to the aid of the people. But, in the long run, we advised the people to make sure that they conform to the norms of normal building standards, so that we don’t build on the flatbeds of the banks of the rivers and the places that are low line, so that we avoid floods. And we encourage people, also, to embark on tree planting and all measure that are necessary to curtail erosion and degradation of the environment,” he said.

Governor Yahaya also said he was confident, with the presence of the emir and district heads present, that with the support of the traditional institution, he would achieve in driving home the points of value reorientation, that the people were ready to adapt to best practices.

He further stated that with the support of the people, the assistance they needed would get to them, while avoiding future occurrences.

Governor Yahaya pledged to take the matter of the Nigerian Government Road Linkages to the relevant authorities to handle and make the people of Yobe, Gombe and Adamawa comfortable.

The Emir of Dukku, His Royal Highness, Haruna Rashid II, commended the prompt response of Governor Yahaya to the plight of the flood victims in his emirate.

The Emir called on all public spirited individuals to also assist in bringing succour to the victims of the flood.

“We have also seen some of the interventions immediately. One of the bridges between here and Lafiya that collapsed also because of rains has also been quickly repaired by the intervention of the Governor. So, we are really grateful for the government of Gombe State, under the leadership of His Excellency, who has just within a short period visited us,” the Emir of Dukku said.

Heavy downpour between August 11 to August 15, 2019, had caused serious flooding in some farm lands, washing away crops and the bridge, which is almost completely cut-off.

The assessment conducted by the officers of the State Emergency Management Agency showed that 1,379 households were partially or totally destroyed and 116 farmlands were either submerged or washed away by the floods in Dukku Local Government Area.


Sammie Idika