Gombe prepares for re-opening of schools

Rebecca Mu’azu, Gombe


The Gombe State Taskforce on Covid-19 says the government has drawn up measures to prepare schools ahead of re-opening with fumigation, training of teachers and students on the observance of safety measures like the wearing of face masks, maintenance of social distancing and reporting any one with symptoms.

The Commissioner for Education, Dr. Habu Dahiru, told journalists during the briefing on the update of the Coronavirus in the state that the government was also adopting virtual learning for the category of students yet to resume school by selecting three radio stations; Amana Radio, Gombe Media Corporation and Vision FM to handle such teachings so as to reach everyone at the grassroots.

Decline of positive cases in the state
The Chairman of the Covid-19 Taskforce, Professor Idris Mohammed, announced that the number of positive cases in the state had gone down.

Professor Mohammed attributed the progress to the increase in public awareness and compliance to preventive measures put in place by the government.

Professor Mohammed said even though the state still conducted massive testing of the public, positive cases were still low.

He however urged the public to continue to observe the preventive measures put in place, particularly the wearing of face masks, regardless of the discomfort of wearing it.

“I think everyone of us here has noted that the use of masks in Gombe State, as in the rest of the country has declined. This is not a satisfactory situation, because it’s been proved in some countries that the use of masks considerably reduced the spread of this virus. So, we can emphasise too strongly, that people must bear the inconveniences of minor difficulty in breathing through the mask and the very severe consequences of being infected with Covid-19. The choice is between loss of your little comfort and that of exposing your life to danger. The bottom line is that, you can only exercise your right if you are alive. You can only enjoy your life when you are alive,” he said.

Commencement of testing in Gombe
The Chairman of the Gombe State Taskforce on Covid-19 said testing would soon commence in the state because the Gombe State Funded Laboratory at the Specialist Hospital Gombe was almost ready, while the testing laboratory by the National Centre for Disease Control NCDC, which was being established at the Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe would also begin operations soon.

The number of people tested so far in the state stands at 5, 077 out of which 503 tested positive for Coronavirus while 305 from the number have recovered but 19 others died from Covid-19 complications.

There are now 134 positive cases in isolation in the state.



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