Government pledges to uphold the trust of Nigerians

Timothy Choji, Abuja


The Nigerian government says it will not betray the trust of the citizens of the country no matter the circumstances.

President Muhammadu Buhari made the declaration in Friday at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, when he hosted a delegation comprising traditional rulers, the political class, the academia as well as representatives of women and youth groups from Ogoni land in Rivers State, Southern Nigeria.

President Buhari assured citizens that government will make sure that Nigerians get whatever is meant for them.

“I assure you that we will honour the trust of Nigerians because we made an undertaken by swearing by the Holy books that we believe in. At all levels, we will be accountable, what we realise as revenue, we will try and put into the infrastructure so that majority of Nigerians can benefit; if the roads are done, if there is power, then a lot of Nigerians will mind their own businesses, they wouldn’t even mind what the central government is doing.  

But if corruption overtakes the system, there will be problem. It took the intervention of God and technology by having Permanent Voters’ Cards PVC that this administration came into place. Previously, election results were awarded by constituency and announced on radio, while people were challenged to go to court; a task that was herculean because people were looking for their daily meals, where could they have gotten the money to go to court? So for 16 years this country was mismanaged,” he said.

The Nigerian leader, who lamented the neglect of the people of Ogoni in the past, said government decided to fund and flag off the Ogoni cleanup programme in line with its people oriented programmes.

He advised traditional rulers of Ogoni land to caution their wards especially the youths, to shun aggressive tendencies, to give room for meaningful development in the area.

“I appeal to you, this institutionalised leadership to please prove your leadership to please prove your leadership by having control on the exuberance f the youth so that patience can be applied to eliminate the problems in your area especially when we get the international community involved in the cleanup of the land so that the majority of the ordinary people can do their farming and fishing,” he pleaded.

Earlier in his remarks, leader of the delegation, King Godwin Gininwa, thanked the President for what the Nigerian government has done for the Ogoni people under his leadership.

The Monarch then bestowed the traditional title of ‘Mene Dolenu of Ogoni land’ on President Buhari (meaning the King that does good for the Ogoni people.)

Presenting the request of the delegation, Professor Walter Olor appealed that the late Ken Saro Wiwa and twelve other martyrs of Ogoni land be honoured in the spirit of promoting national healing and reconciliation.

The delegation also requested for the establishment of more Police stations and other security outfits in Ogoni land, provision of funds for the commencement and repair and reconstruction of the East-West road among others.