Government urged to tackle Bangkok polluted air


Environmental activists, on Thursday urged government to step up efforts at tackling the problem of Bangkok’s polluted air.

Activists from environmental groups such as Greenpeace, Climate Strike Thailand, BIOTHAI, and EnLAW, marched to the government villa urging them to address the country’s air pollution which had been at unhealthy levels for some time now.

Tara Buakamsri, Thailand country Director for Greenpeace South-East Asia said the country’s leaders should not pass on responsibility to the people for them to believe that the government does not care about them.

The groups demanded that the government form measures that would lower emissions from pollutant sources such as coal power plants, industrial factories and vehicles.

They also asked the government to support green agriculture and recommended that “clean rooms” be established in various parts of the city for people to be able to have a fresh breath of air.

The Assistant to the Minister of Environment, Noppadol Ponsaeng, said that the government was actually trying to address the problem of air pollution in the country.

Earlier, the government had introduced a series of measures to address the air pollution problem such as asking factories to temporarily reduce their output.