PGF Director-General drums up support for NEC meeting

By Aanya Igomu



Leaders and members of Nigeria’s governing party, the All Progressives Congress, APC have been asked to support the National Executive Committee, NEC meeting scheduled to hold at the Presidential Villa on Thursday, 25th June, 2020.

The Director General of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF), Mr. Salihu Lukman  in a press statement released on Wednesday said supporting the NEC meeting would mean supporting President Muhammadu Buhari’s efforts to end the leadership crisis rocking the party.

Some drastic steps are just required to restore some order and sanity in APC. With all the confusion as to who is our presiding officer, coupled with the fact that the most important structure that is saddled with the responsibility of convening meetings of all organs of the party is fractured and entangled in webs of legal cases, it is either the confusion is allowed to continue and eventual end with the demise of the party, or our leaders find a way to save the party.

The party leader added that given the crisis rocking the party, he expected all APC leaders to unite and save the situation.

“Will this be the case? Or are we going to have blacklegs acting as so-called leaders working to ensure the demise of the party through creating all manner of divisions just to ensure that the current ugly situation is retained? Would these blacklegs seek to create or entrench all manner of legal confusion?” he asked.

“These are critical questions now that with the approval of President Buhari, a meeting of National Executive Committee (NEC) has been called. Would these so-called leaders acting as blacklegs seek to undermine the moral authority of the President as the leader of the party?, the statement continued.

Already, a Newspaper owned by one of the leaders of the party has dismissed a meeting held by the President with the Governors of the party as ‘Anti-Oshiomhole’.

“Be that as it may, how will leaders or blacklegs relate with the NEC and the decisions it will take? Will they seek to take advantage of the NEC to reset the process of party building back to the point whereby it become possible for meetings of party organs to hold and through those meetings seek to resolve all our internal problems, including reconciling all our leaders and repositioning it for undisputed electoral victories? The days ahead will confirm whether we have party leaders or blacklegs.

The Progressive Governors Forum DG advised all committed APC members and leaders should rally behind President Buhari in support of the scheduled NEC meeting.

“… so that we are able to reset the APC back to its 2013 orientation of inclusive and participatory politics. To achieve that, the public debate should be about proposals to ensure that the NEC succeed rather than attempting to throw up legal blockades”, he advocated.

Mr. Lukman added that the reaction of APC leaders to the outcome of the NEC meeting would reveal those who truly want the party to be successful.

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