Governor’s wife canvasses for exclusive breastfeeding

Luqmon Balogun, Lagos


The Wife of Lagos State Governor, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode has urged nursing mothers and pregnant women to attach serious importance to exclusive breastfeeding of new born babies.

Commemorate the 2018 World Breastfeeding Week, Mrs Ambode said on Tuesday that the benefits of breast milk to the infant were too profound to be ignored.

She said it was an important foundation for a baby’s life which is capable of determining whether the baby would live or otherwise.

Mrs Ambode said that putting a baby to the breast in the first hour of life could serve as a precaution against infant’s death.

According to her, “‘exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months helps babies to grow, prevents under nutrition, promotes brain development and reduce the risk of overweight.”

Baby’s first vaccine
Mrs Ambode explained that breast milk was vital because it acts as the baby’s first vaccine, thereby boosting immunity for the new born babies.

“Nothing can be compared with breast milk for babies. No matter the nutritional value of the baby formula, it cannot adequately take the place of breast milk in the life of the new born.

“God who created it in His own special way to be baby-friendly, has made it the most important and most beneficial type of food a baby gets to know. Nursing mothers should not make excuses of their jobs or career for not doing exclusive breastfeeding because the advantages to the breastfeeding are too many,”the wife of the Governor said.

Mrs Ambode commended the theme for this year: “Breastfeeding: Foundation for Life”, describing it as apt and the basic truth about the practice.

She stressed that breastfeeding was a good bonding opportunity between mothers and infants.

Mrs Ambode added that improved breastfeeding practices around the world, could save the lives of nearly one million children under five years, according to international health bodies.

2018 World Breastfeeding Week is held in the first week of August, every year.


Lateefah Ibrahim