Governorship Aspirant  promises to diversify economy in Bayelsa

Igbogi-Green Imelda, Yenagoa


A governorship Aspirant in Bayelsa State, Dr. Frankland Briyai has promised to diversify the State economy if elected in the coming election.

Dr. Frankland who was a former Cross River Resident Electoral Commissioner,  said  this in an interview with Journalists after handing over his governorship nomination and interest forms to the All progressive Congress, APC National Organizing Secretary, Honourable Emmanuel Ibediro at the APC Secretariat in Abuja.

Developing the Agric Sector
economy will be diversified, we are not going to base on oil alone. We are going to develop the agriculture sector in the State. Bayelsa State, has one of the largest rice farms in Africa.

“The farms are located in Southern-Ijaw, known as Peremabiri town in the State. The rice farm has been idle for some time now and we ensure Bayelsans that we will start producing rice in State. We are located at riverine community, we have the oceans, we have the seas, we have the rivers, we are going to involve in fish farming too,’’ Dr Frankland said.

The governorship aspirant said his government would  welcome both local and international investors to the State.

“We are going to open up our economy to local and foreign participation. We will bring in investors, industrialists, definitely, we will have factors that will we will employ more people.

“This will cure insecurity, when the youths are occupied, going to school or working. Definitely, they will not have too much time to think about crime or criminality. We will make sure that Bayelsa State is well secure, by collaborating with law enforcement agencies both federal and state level, also community stakeholders will be involve,” he stated.

Human Capacity
Dr.Frankland stated that his government will involve human capacity which involves education.

“My government will focus on human capacity, which involve training of People in various ways, those that can go to school, can attend very good schools. We will trained them to be self-dependence or they can be employ as any other employee, either in the civil service or a smaller companies that will come up’’.

“We will develop the sport sector, those who are talented, will be trained so that they can be great sport men or women in the state. Bayelsans are gifted with swimming and wrestling and we will also have good sport facilities in the state,’’.Dr.Frankland explained.

He stated that, his government would focus on Infrastructures, whereby people would have access to good roads, good schools, good hospital and good houses.

“We will do our very best ensure that everybody in the state get comfortable. There will be food for every Bayelsans, who so ever want to go to school will afford going to school. Bayelsa State workers’ salaries will be paid regularly. Pensioners arrears will be paid, regularizes their monthly allowances, God help me, the state economy will grow,’’ Dr.Frankland added.


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