Group calls for awareness on proper waste disposal


The Waste Management Society of Nigeria (WAMSON), has called for periodic advocacy and awareness on the importance of proper waste disposal and collection.

The President of WAMSON, Mr Oladele Osibanjo made this call in an interview with Journalists in Lagos.

According to him, the periodic advocacy should be intense as the first step in solving waste management issue and sorting the waste from sources where they are being generated.

”People should be made to understand that they can earn money from sorting and separating waste into different components.

”The food waste can be put in one waste bin, plastics in another, so also batteries, wires and mental in separate bins.

”Those that need them for recycling into raw materials for other products will collect them, process and sell to firms that need the raw materials. What a person sees as waste can be useful to someone else. If seen this way, only the waste residuals can get to the dump sites, not everything as we see it every day,” he explained.

Osibanjo said that there was also the compulsory need for the general public to have a change of attitude toward waste disposal adding that this would ensure that people embraced the Polluter Pays Principle (PPP) where environmentally sound management of the waste generated at home or work were paid for.

Peace PIAK