Group condemns Jeddah World Music Festival

Luqmon Balogun, Lagos

Some of the executive members of the Muslim Congress at the quarterly state of the nation address.

A faith-based group, The Muslim Congress, TMC has condemned the preparation towards the July 18 Jeddah World Festival by Saudi authorities.

At a state of the Nation address, held at it’s National Secretariat in Lagos, the group said that Saudi Arabia has religious and cultural identify that must not be tainted by any ungodly desires.

It says Islam protects and preaches equal right, but frowns at a situation where individuals rights are being trampled upon.

According to the group “At a time when the Muslim Ummah is busy preparing for the Holy season of Hajj, the Saudi authorities are busy preparing for a music festival that is contrary to their faith. The July 18 Jeddah World Festival which is expected to be beamed to a global audience in more than 100 countries is shameful, condemnable and antithetical to the beliefs, values and ethics of Muslims all over the world.”

TMC says the convocation of such festival is an act of disrespecting the season of Hajj, and that immoral and nonspiritual dispositions that accompany such event must be prevented.

The group urged the Saudi government to shelve the festival in the best interest and respect for the billions of Muslims who feel assaulted and offended by a festival that does not represent the ethos of the religion of Islam especially when it is taking place in the land housing the Holy Mosque of Islam.

RUGA suspension
On the proposed and later cancelled Rural Grazing Area, RUGA project by the government, the group commended the move and advised the authority to always carry people along on decision making.

“For any project of this nature to be successful the people must first understand it and also be aware of the numerous benefits it entails. Even at that the people must decide wether to accept or reject it”. the group said.

It stressed that government need to cancel the project as its own initiative while it supports the State government and private individuals who wish to embark on such project.

Pipeline explosion
TMC  commiserates with the families of those that loss their loved ones on the July 4 pipeline explosion in the Ijegun area of Lagos State.

The group condemned the incident which it described as “reoccurring decimal” calling on the appropriate authority to do the needful by providing security and engaging local communities and also resolve to the use of tech-driven device to prevent the scourge.

Electoral victories
As a fall out of the last general election, the group mentioned that to prevent incessant court cases after election, politicians, voters, security agencies and the electoral umpire must be of good conduct, as people should be determinant of the election victories.

It urged Tthe electoral body to be above board and follow all the laws governing it’s proper conduct while lawmakers must also continue to revisit the electoral laws in order to be in conformity with local realities and international best practices.

El-Zakzaky detention
The group highlighted the renewed agitation by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria for the release of their leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and called for the release of IMN leader from detention and place him under house arrest.

TMC also gave kudos to the Oyo State anti-corruption crusade, gave update on the International School Ibadan Hijab crisis and talked about respect for the rule of law, in the case of Senator Elisha Abbo, among others.


Confidence Okwuchi