Group petitions EFCC on alleged corruption in oil sector

Gloria Essien, Abuja


A group of young Nigerian professionals under the auspices of Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) has submitted a petition to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, to investigate an alleged corruption in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

The group submitted the petition to the chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, in Abuja.

The group said that due process was not followed in the award of the $3.8Billion Egina Oil Field Project contract.

Speaking during the petition submission, the Chief Executive Officer of Connected Development, CODE, Mr. Hamzat Lawal, said that the contract has denied young professional Nigerians of jobs.

We believe that the only person who can salvage this situation is the Economic and Financial Crime Commission chairman because this an economic crime against young people in Nigeria and we believe that for us to strengthen the situation we are using this opportunity to call on the chairman of the EFCC because we believe that the chairman knowing he is a young professionals can help us salvage this situation and moving forward because for us to strive we know that Nigeria will keep giving contract to the oil and gas sector we want to ensure that institutions are strengthened whereby EFCC will investigate this matter independently and call the attention of Mr President so that moving forward the local content law that we have enacted signed by a sitting president would be implemented so today we are here at the EFCC office to submit this petition having in mind that the confidence we have with this great institution they would investigate this matter and ensure that young professionals would benefit from the local content law when we sign contract with multinational in the oil and gas sector,” he said.

He urged the EFCC to investigate the complaints and find lasting solutions to it as the project called has not been able to meet expectation, particularly in employing millions of young Nigerians both females and males.

Also speaking, Chairman, Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF), Moses Siloko Siasia, said that the destiny of Nigeria lies in the hands of the youths.

You will agree with me that we have been nourished by too many generations of broken promises the future and the destiny of this country lies in our hands as young people so we must as a matter of national urgency continue the step and rise up to take our future and our destiny in our hands.

We also understand that there was a press conference that we had some weeks back to call the world’s attention to the fraud and corruption going on in the oil and gas industry talking about the 3.8 billion US dollars Egina project which intends to employ over 30 thousand people,  young professionals, young Engineers, young Nigerians that have been trained but as we speak to you a lot of young people were deprived from that process because a lot of the local content jobs were done in South Korea whereby creating enormous jobs for young south Koreans and we as young people we cannot fold our hands and see all this things and keep quiet we are saying that the local content,  laws or principles that were applied in that project in terms of the contract agreement was not followed dully so that’s why we are here to make a complaint and we are also here as the custodian of the anti-corruption fight in Nigeria the EFCC to present this petition to the chairman of the EFCC so that they can do something so that” He said.


Mr. Siasia appealed to the EFCC to ensure that those who were awarded the contract settle all irregularities concerning local content and job placement for young people who are seen as trustees of prosperity in the country.


While receiving the petition on behalf of the chairman of EFCC, the Head of Media and Publicity in the commission, Mr.Wilson Uwujaren, said that the commission would investigate the allegations and report back to the group in good time.

“On behalf of the acting chairman of EFCC I Mr Wilson Uwujaren, receive this petition from the young professionals. I want to thank them for coming to the EFCC their presence today demonstrates the confidence that they have in my agency and I am very grateful for that. I want to assure that we will take this petition through the normal process through which we receive petition in the commission. For us this is merely an allegation but we will subject it to test and if it worthy of investigation the commission will dully investigate it and will get to know our findings,” he said.

The Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) says it expects due process and justice to be done.