Group pledges support for President’s fight against corruption

Temitope Mustapha


Concerned Association For Transparency and National Advancement, CATNA says it would complement the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in eradication of Corruption in Nigeria.

The Chairman Board of Trustee of CATNA, Tukur Idris Amir made this known in Abuja while addressing Journalists on the recently released high ranking report on Nigeria’s anti-corruption fight by Transparency International.

Tukur said corruption has become endemic in every strata of  the nation’s  psyche that it is almost eroding morals ,ethics and values of some citizens.

The purpose of this association is to compliment the efforts of government in the eradication of corruption” he said.

According to him, “the fight against corruption ought not to be an after thought  but all bodies working towards eradication of corruption must pre-empt some of the actions that leads to corruption. Issues of devalued morals leads to corruption and it is the basis for which other forms of corruption such as financial and others are founded”

 Devalued morals
“There is the need to correct the problems of devalued morals against corruption via advocacy” Tukur added.

Speaking on the assessment of present administration as regards to fight against corruption, the Secretary-General of CATNA, Yusuf Ibrahim , said all Nigerians should be foot soldiers of anti corruption fight.

“In assessing President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption ,we the people need to assess ourselves whether we appreciate the fight against corruption ”  

Ibrahim hinted that CATNA,a non-governmental organization recently launched a programme tagged, One Unit,Five Hundred Advocates” to train anti corruption advocates on negative effects of corruption and its danger to future generations.

Virtues of honesty
He added that as long as corruption exist in Nigeria, the country would not be able to generate sufficient income to combat lack of  necessities and acute poverty.

“The activities of this newly launched advocacy group includes bringing motivational speakers to talk to the people about virtues of honesty, integrity, transparency, responsible citizenship and selfless leadership.we will also engage individuals at the ward level in groups on dialogue on roles of community members in checkmating corruption by making our leaders accountable, ”ibrahim said.

 “The basis of this approach is to change Nigerian’s social behaviours and value systems that has the capacity to bred corruption” he added.


Lateefah Ibrahim