Group sensitises Ogun residents on effective waste management


An Environmental Group, Let’s do it Nigeria, has hosted Clean Games in Sagamu Area of Ogun to sensitise residents on proper and effective waste sorting, recycling and disposal.

The first Clean Games in Africa was held at Oja-Oba, Ekiti State, on May 5, by the group and the Sagamu Clean Games is the second edition of the concept of cleanup that started in Russia in 2014.

The Public Relations Manager of Let’s do it Nigeria, Mr. Gafar Odubote, said the games was an opportunity to educate the residents and Nigerians on waste sorting, recycling and disposal.“We adopted the Clean Games concept to bring solutions to waste management in a practical and fun way. It is one of the best ways to embark on waste management advocacy.

The games would sensitise Nigerians on proper waste management and recycling, to sustain healthy environment nationwide.

The Clean games is a concept of cleaning the environment while educating the people on proper waste sorting, recycling and disposal,” he said.

Odubote urged Nigerians to promote a sustainable environment culture as the game provided incentives to participants.“The Sagamu Clean Games is simply a gamification of cleanup. The exercise took 4 hours while volunteers were grouped into teams. The competition involved collecting trash and sorting them accordingly.

Points were allocated to the teams, based on waste collected. The teams get incentives and bonuses for getting their bags filled and also for sorting appropriately, he explained.

He also stated that Nigerians should have positive attitudes on how to manage waste properly from home, and the government must implement enforceable regulations as well as infrastructure that will support the environment towards achieving a circular economy.

Mrs. Vivian Onije, the National Director, JCI Nigeria said collaboration for a sustainable environment was most necessary.“The Sagamu Clean Games is a product of collaboration between JCI Nigeria and the various environmental stakeholders in the country towards achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

She said the campaign“has brought together various stakeholders in Nigeria to ensure our environment is clean and healthy through engagement and collaboration.


Arinze A