Group urges Nigerians to engage in farming


The Concerned Youths Empowerment Association of Nigeria (CYEAN), has called on Nigerians to take up farming as a second career to attain food sufficiency in the country.

The CYEAN President, Mr Noble Adaelu,said that the country could address its economic challenges by fully exploiting it available manpower and arable land to boost the agriculture sector.

“What we are encouraging Nigerians to do is to go into farming. It is time for every Nigerian to go into farming irrespective of their profession, own a farm. That is the best way we can make Nigeria a global power house in food and agriculture. So if we do not go into farming, we have to go outside to import the raw materials. God has blessed Nigeria with arable land, why not just make use of it?.’’ He asked

He decried the culture of using arable land for unaffordable housing projects instead of for agricultural purposes.

He therefore charged Nigerians to cultivate the culture of having backyard gardens as a way of augmenting their incomes.


Peace PIAK