Guber election begins late in Ifo LG Ogun state

Salamatu Ejembi & Olayide Awosanya, Ogun State

Voters at Isheri/Olowora on queue waiting to cast their votes.
Gubernatorial elections began late in all the 19 polling units under ward 5 (Isheri/Ojodu), Ifo Local Government, Ogun State.
The SPO started disbursement of election materials by 8:00am, the time when accreditation and voting were to commence.
The delay, according to the SPO, Mrs Davies, was caused by late arrival of party agents to the ward.
Davies said the party agents needed to be present to witness the disbursement process but they did not show up on time.
Despite the delay, today’s process began earlier than that of the presidential elections which commenced at 9:00am.
Officers of the Nigerian Police and the Civil Defence Corp were on standby to provide security.

Youths playing Football
Meanwhile, young boys and men were seen on the streets playing football.
In an interview, one of them said he wasn’t partaking in the election process because he didn’t have a voters card.
When asked why he didn’t have a PVC, he said he wasn’t given as he kept going to Ibadan where he registered but his was never found.
Another said he had his PVC but was just whiling away time as he didn’t want to go and keep waiting just like the presidential elections.
He said he voted during the presidential elections and he plans to vote today as well.
Ward 5 encompasses 19 Polling Units. However, any unit which has more than 800 registered voters, has more than one polling booths.
For this ward, Units one and two had three voting points each. While all others, with the exception of Units six and 14, had two voting points each.
Units 6&14 both had single voting points because they had less than 800 registered voters.
In Ward 07 Unit 028, Isheri/Olowora of Kosofe Local Government Area(13) of Lagos State, Inec adhoc officials arrived past 11:00am to set up.
According to the PO, John Abrak, the delay was as a result of the protest earlier embarked on by INEC Staff due to non payment of allowances which was eventually resolved.
Registered voters only begun accreditation and voting by a few minutes to 12pm.