Gubernatorial Election: Kano Police deploys over 20,000 personnel

Na’ankwat Dariem, Kano


The Kano Sate Police Command in Northwest Nigeria says it has deployed over 20,000 (twenty thousand) security personnel for the 2019 Gubernatorial Election.

The Public Relations Officer of the State DSP Abdullahi Haruna stated this in an interview with Voice of Nigeria in Kano.

DSP Haruna explained that security personnel from other states were also deployed to the state

“The total number of security personnel including other security agency we have deploy over 20,000 personnel to make the up for inadequacies experienced at  the presidential election.
As you can see outside we have enough security personal been deployed from other state including the Force Headquarters to reinforce the security in Kano state command. When compared to the other election we have more than enough manpower to face this election.”

He noted that Kano Police Command was able to study the challenges experienced during the presidential election saying that “As far as Kano state is concerned we are ready for this election. The deployed has been conducted and all police men by this time are already in their various places of assignment .I assure u that we have study the fact from the presidential election we were able to identify problems which are minor this include non compliances with the restriction of movement during election  and this has been taken care through public sensitization through the media.

Mr. Haruna added that the Command has also identified flash points “We of course taken into consideration that the governorship is unlike the presidential election this because all the actors are internal I mean that they are all Kano so at the beginning of our arrangements before the election we have been able to  identify flash points we have studied the previous election and we have adjusted and established other solutions for this election.” 

He therefore appealed to citizens of Kano state to be law abiding and conduct themselves in a manner they would not be found wanting.