Gubernatorial election:  VP Osinbajo votes, expresses satisfaction with election

Cyril Okonkwo, Lagos


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and his wife, Dolapo, have cast their votes in Saturday’s gubernatorial and state assembly elections at the Polling Unit 033, Victoria Garden City in Lagos.

The Vice President cast his vote at about 1100 hours Nigerian time.

Speaking after voting, Professor Osinbajo expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the election.

“I’m quite pleased with what I’m seeing,” he said.

On the relatively low turnout of voters compared to that of the presidential and National Assembly elections two weeks ago, the vice president said he was not in a position to give any reason.

“I’m in no position to say, especially because I just came.

“So, I really do not know whether it is low or not low.

“I can’t really make a judgement.

“I don’t have enough points to decide that point, but I hope as many people as possible turn out to vote.”

Building a great country

Vice President Osinbajo said he would want Nigerians to work together to build a great country.

 “One thing I like very, very much is for all of us to work together towards building a great country.

“I think we have all what it takes to make this country truly great.

“For me the greatest will be all of us working together across tribes, across faith, across the entire nation, coming together to work with President Buhari and the government and the government to achieve the very best we can.”

The Vice President also spared some minutes to exchange banters with his VGC neighbours before going back to his house.