Hajj 2018: Kaduna pilgrims express satisfaction with accommodation and feeding

Asma'u Halilu, Madina- Saudi Arabia

Pilgrims from Kaduna State have expressed satisfaction with the accommodation provided for them while in Madina.
In an interview sampled by our correspondent in Madina, Saudi Arabia, they stated that the hotels are equivalent to a five star hotel in Nigeria.
According to a pilgrim, he said “I appreciate all the efforts put in place right from Nigeria to Madina for our satisfaction. The Mosque is less than a kilometre walk from our hotels which is fantastic”
Another intending pilgrim said, “the best experience is proximity to the mosque from my hotel, we don’t have to treck long distance to the mosque unlike what was obtainable in the past. Our rooms are also spacious and well kept, in fact am very impressed”.
Speaking on feeding, they confirmed that breakfast and dinner are provided for them, saying that they buy lunch themselves.
“We are given varieties of food, ranging from rice, Irish potatoes, eggs, swallow, fruits, bread and juice amongst others and we eat to our satisfaction”.
On pilgrimage, they assured of their readiness and commitment to worship Allah diligently by seeking His approval and favors upon their lives.
This year’s hajj rituals is expected to commence by the 20th of August when all intending pilgrims will converge in Mina and thereafter process to Arafat for hajj proper.
Bilkisu Pai