Hajj 2018: Kaduna pilgrims receive 930 ihrams in Madina

Asma'u Halilu, Madina


Med view Airlines has donated about 930 ihrams to Kaduna pilgrims in Madina, Saudi Arabia.

The Madina Coordinator, Kaduna State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board, Dauda Abdullahi said the Airline made the donations to only the pilgrims that were conveyed to the holy city via their carrier.

“Al ihram is the garment worn by intending pilgrims during hajj to perform the required rituals. The men were given two big white towels while the women were given a pair of trouser, a gown and head gear each”, Dauda explained.

He further disclosed that, the 1626 pilgrims that had earlier been transported to Jeddah through Max Air did not enjoy the benefit of having the ihram.

Speaking further, the Coordinator said, “out of the 2556 intending pilgrims that came into Saudi Arabia for this year’s pilgrimage, about 1626 have proceeded to Makkah through Madina to begin the hajj rituals, while 930 pilgrims are still left in Madina that will be conveyed to Makkah soon as well”.

“The only complaints we receive from our pilgrims is on their basic travelling allowances … the most affected are pilgrims from the rural area. And some of the pilgrims complain that the food given to them is not properly cooked”. 

Dauda noted that, due to the proximity between the mosque and the hotel, there is no case of reported missing pilgrims.

As at the time of filing this story, the 7th batch of Kaduna intending pilgrims comprising of about 310 people have arrived in Madina, making the total number of Kaduna pilgrims airlifted to be 2,865 in the holy city.