Hajj 2018: NAHCON cautions pilgrims against excess luggage

Asma'u Halilu, Makkah


The Chairman, National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, Abdullahi Muktar has cautioned pilgrims against carrying excess luggage while returning to Nigeria, saying, each pilgrim is entitled to only 40kg.

He stated at an interactive session with pilgrims of Kaduna State while on an inspection tour of all tents in Muna transit camp.

According to the Chairman, “your hand luggage is supposed to weigh 8kg while the boxes must not exceed 32kg, therefore, any pilgrim who defaults, should have himself blamed as they will not be allowed to board the airplane with the excess luggage”.

He commended Kaduna State pilgrims for abiding by Saudi rules as well keeping their tents neat.

“No pilgrim from this state has been reported for defaulting any rules or found wanting. I also commend you all for keeping your tents neat, there is no waste or water littered around the floor”, he stressed.

Malam Abdullahi further commended Kaduna state top government officials for living in the same tents with their pilgrims, saying, these officials also join the same queue with pilgrims at the toilets and also eat the same food served to their pilgrims.

“Here in Saudi, we are one and the same, that is why we chose to live in the same tents with our pilgrims, sleeping side by side with them. I also sleep amongst pilgrims from Benue while our Ambassador sleeps in Zamfara state tents. When we all return home, everyone can assume his role of leadership but as long as we are here, we are one and equal before Allah” he stated.

While speaking on hajj rites, he said, “a lot of people wanted to be part of this year’s hajj, but because Allah did not call them, they were unable to make it, not because they are not healthy or capable financially, but because only 56,000 of us from Nigeria were ordained to fulfil this act of worship, hence, we need to be thankful to Allah for choosing us by seeking his forgiveness and guidance “.

“Two pilgrims from Nigeria, a male and a female could not make it to Arafat because of their health conditions. The female is still hospitalized while the male pilgrim could not withstand the heat in Muna and we were advised to return him to his hotel in Makkah if we did not want to lose him. Even though they came to Saudi with us, they were destined not to perform this year’s hajj with us”, the Chairman added.

One of the pilgrims, Usman Isma’il, who spoke at the session expressed gratitude to the officials, saying, pilgrims needs were often attended to accordingly and the food served to them was rich and sufficient for them.

The pilgrims were urged to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari’s health and his administration, especially on the challenges the Nation is currently experiencing.