Hajj 2018: Pilgrims commence hajj rites with optimism

Asma'u Halilu Makkah


Intending pilgrims have commenced hajj rites optimism as they are transported from Makkah to Muna camps where they will proceed to mount Arafat for the pilgrimage.

Hajj rites usually commences from the 8th to the 13th of Dhul Hajji yearly as pilgrims are conveyed to Muna transit camp and thereafter, proceed to Arafat, Mudzalifa, Jamratul Akaba and finally to Makkah to complete the circumambulation of the Ka’aba.

Voice of Nigeria gathered that despite the rigours involved in hajj activities some pilgrims are determined to achieve a smooth and successful hajj.

In an interview, a pilgrim, Abdallah Nuhu explained that “the fear and love for Allah is what gives us the motivation to endure the difficult activities of hajj as Allah has assured that all our prayers will be answered automatically, therefore it’s mandatory that we endure the rigours because nothing good comes easy”. 

According to another pilgrim, Suwaiba Muhammed, “hajj is one of the pillars of Islam which every Muslim who can afford it is expected to undergo and the Quran states that, all request made by pilgrims will be granted, so, that assurance alone, gives me the satisfaction of going through all processes of hajj no matter how difficult.

The pilgrims were of the opinion that, the fact that hajj is Allah’s calling which makes them his special guests, no amount of long distance walk or hot sun and the large population which may cause them inconvenience will discourage them from the worship.

According to teachings of Islam any pilgrim who performs the hajj rituals accordingly, has all of his sins erased and given another chance of starting a new life just like a new born child.

While speaking on Muna transit Camp, the Director, Administration and Finance, Kaduna state Pilgrims Welfare Board, Hajiya Hannatu Zailani said, all necessary provision for the state pilgrim’s comfort has been arranged.

“In each tent which has a capacity of between 30-90 pilgrims, the tent is well air conditioned with mattresses, pillows and blankets provided for each pilgrim. And because of the hot sun, we stationed between 1-10 water coolers by each tent to reduce the risk of dehydration amongst the pilgrims”, she disclosed.

Hajiya Hannatu further stated that, three square meals with juices, bottle water and fruits will also be provided for the pilgrims.

On her part, Rahama Musa Sani, member, Ulama committee of the National Hajj Commission advised all pilgrims to first have the fear of Allah in their hearts, saying, its the first step of performing a smooth hajj.

“The Prophet, peace be upon him, performed hajj by moving to Muna camps after sunrise on the 8th of Dhul Hijja, but due to the large population, the movement is being done from midnight of the 7th in order to convey all pilgrims at the required time. They are also moved to mount Arafat at midnight, all for the sake of beating time”, Rahama said.

She added that, all pilgrims who are to perform tamattu’i and ifra’i type of hajj are required to slaughter rams after stoning the devil on Eid Kabir day.

As at the time of compiling this report, pilgrims were spotted either resting in their tents while others were supplicating and others moving around the camp.