Hajj 2018: Saudi Authority commences sale of 360,000 Train Tickets to Holy sites

Hajia Sani, Makkah-Saudi Arabia

All stations tickets cost 250 Riyals and 50 Riyals during the Tashreeq days

The Makkah Region Development Authority has commenced the 1st phase of its Hajj 2018 train ticketing scheme.

In a statement on the official Hajj media website, the Authority said the sale of train tickets will be limited to pilgrims who had secured earlier approval from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and were entered on the agency’s website.

An estimated two million pilgrims are to be transported by trains to the sacred sites during this year’s Hajj.

Spokesperson for the Makkah Development Authority, Engr. Jalal bin Abduljaleel Kaaki, said: “A total of 360,000 tickets are ready to be purchased and distributed to pilgrims whose camping tents are close to the train stations.”

These include pilgrims from inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arab countries, Europe, Gulf Co-operation Countries, South Asia Establishments, Turkey and the United States.

“The Authority employed the use of an electronic programme for the 2nd year to organise the dispensing of tickets and retrieve them easily”, Engr. Kaaki explained.

The electronic programme used for the ticketing is also designed to prevent unauthorised sale of tickets, which are to cost 250 Riyals per ticket for all stations and 50 Riyals during the Tashreeq days (immediately after Arafat).

All other pilgrims, most of them from Africa, who had not secured prior approval of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, will travel to the Holy sites by buses, cars, trucks or on foot.