Hajj 2018: Saudi citizen walks 4500Km for pilgrimage

Hajia Sani, Makkah-Saudi Arabia


A Saudi Arabian citizen, Othman Alshahin, is reported to have walked more than 4,500 kilometres to perform the 2018 Hajj.

Saudi Arabic newspaper, Sabq, reports that it took Othman Alshahin, 10 days to arrive in the Holy city of Makkah through Yemen.

Othman started his journey on foot from Bisha in southern Saudi Arabia and followed the old pilgrim’s route through Yemen, to arrive in Makkah.

Through this route, Othman was able to cut off 45 km every day.

Walking-good for health

“I took my journey to encourage people to walk, showing its beneficial health effects,” Sabq quoted him as saying.

Along the way, Othman said he met many people who asked about his destination and he replied that he was heading to Makkah for Hajj.

According to him, his goal was to spread the message of keeping fit and healthy.

Othman received a special reception put on by cyclists and pedestrianson his arrival in Makkah.

Not a first

The Saudi citizen is not the 1st pilgrim to walk to Makkah for Hajj.

In 2017, an Indonesian Muslim reportedly walked more than 9,000 kilometres to perform the Hajj.

A 47-year-old Bosnian Muslim, Senad Hadzic, also walked nearly 3,600 miles (5,900 km) from his Bosnian village to the Holy city of Makkah to perform the religious pilgrimage in 2012.

Islam’s Pillar No. 5

Every year, Muslims from around the world travel to Makkah to perform Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam.

Hajj consists of several rites that symbolise the essential concepts of the Islamic faith and to commemorate significant travails in the life of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his family.

Among the concepts are submission to the Will of God, faith, love for fellow beings, patience, tolerance and endurance.

All adult Muslims who can afford the journey are enjoined to undertake the pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime.