Hajj 2018: Saudi Cleric admonishes Muslims to be steadfast, obedient to Allah

Hajia Sani, Makkah-Saudi Arabia


During the 1st Jummu’ah Salat, (Friday Prayers) following the return of pilgrims from Mina after the performance of this year’s Hajj rites, Muslims were again admonished to renew their fear of Allah and remain steadfast in obedience to His commandments.

Sheikh Dr Saleh bn Abdullah bn Humayd, the Imam who led the Khudbah (sermon), made the call in the Grand Mosque of Ka’abah in Makkah during today’s prayers.

The Imam reminded the congregation that true success could only be attained when believers consciously repent, avoid all that Allah forbids and submit totally to God’s Will and Dictates.

He enjoined Muslims to refocus their attitudes towards the benefits of the hereafter, rather than that which is fleeting in this transient world.

Sheikh Saleh bn Humayd also reminded Muslims that death would come to all in God’s preordained time and everyone would give account of their deeds. He therefore enjoined the congregants to sow good deeds that they may be rewarded in like manner by The Creator.

He congratulated pilgrims to this year’s Hajj for a successful pilgrimage prayed for the acceptance of all their Hajj rites, especially their intentions and sacrifices.

The Imam reiterated that only good intentions earned Allah’s rewards for and acceptance of good deeds.

He cited as examples the legends of a woman of free virtue who gave water to a thirsty dying dog; the man who cut off a tree branch to ease passage and the three persons who were blocked in a cave but were forgiven and provided an exit because of their sincere intentions.

He enjoined all the pilgrims and Muslims in general to always perform actions with good and pure intentions, that they may be rewarded by Allah.

According to the Imam, there is no reward for any act performed if the intent is to grandstand or elicit worldly favours from mortals, stressing that the foundation of Islam and the teachings of all Prophets of Allah were premised on good intentions.