Hajj 2018: Saudi Foundation donates sanitary kits to Nigerian pilgrims

Hajia Sani, Makkah- Saudi Arabia


A philanthropic foundation in Saudi Arabia has donated gift packs of sanitary kits to patients in two clinics set up for pilgrims of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria in Makkah.

Making the presentation to the Chief Medical Officers in each of the Clinics, Supervisor of al-HadiyaGroup, Salim Mabrouk Al-Gamadi, said it was an honour and a privilege to share the gift packs with Nigerian pilgrims.

He prayed that Allah (God) accepts their Hajj as acts of Ibadah (worship) and wished them all Hajj Mabroor (successful pilgrimage).

Up to 50 gift packs containing a selection of sanitary items including hand sanitisers and fans and face towels, were distributed by the Hadiya Group to pilgrims who were present in the clinics at the time of the donation.

Mr Al-Gamadi was accompanied on the visit by two representatives of the Foundation: Mr Attayah Mosade Al-Zahrani and Mr Bader Al-Aldeen Al-Madani.

New cooling systems
In another development, Saudi authorities say air-conditioning units in the tents in Mina have been replaced with heat-resistant systems from Australia.

The 21,000 new air conditioners installed in the tents have in-built specifications to cool the air for 24 hours a day.

The project to replace older generation air-conditioners in Mina with new heat resistant versions started three years ago.

A total of 45,600 new units have so far been installed to keep temperatures in the tents at between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius.

More than 2,400 technicians have also been engaged to work round the clock to maintain the air-conditioners and deal with any emergency situation.

Scouts and Guides for surveys
As the countdown begins to the start of the core Hajj rites, more than 4,500 Saudi Scouts and Guides will be deployed from Sunday in the public service camps for pilgrims organized by the Saudi Arabian Scouts Association in Mecca.

Meanwhile, more than 4,500 Saudi Scouts and Guides will be deployed from Sunday in the camps for pilgrims.

The public service is being organised by the Saudi Arabian Scouts Association in Makkah and the Holy sites, to assist pilgrims who may loose their way around the Holy sites, while performing the Hajj rites.

Saudi Scouts and Guides will also be conducting a survey in Mina and Arafat, the holy sites in Makkah, in order to collect field information on the Hajj camps.

They will primarily identify major landmarks to be toured by millions of pilgrims from around the world taking part in this year’s Hajj.

“This operation is in cooperation with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Saudi Scout members are in full readiness to assist pilgrims around the Holy sites during Hajj performance”, said Dr Saleh bin Raja al-Harbi, Commander of the Hajj Camps.

Phased implementation
Saudi Press Agency, reports that the survey is being executed in three phases.

The 1st phase involves preparation and processing of the plan, including the surveying of the Holy sites by the Saudi Scouts and Guides in the morning and evening in both Mina and Arafat, processing files of units and specialists, reviewing maps and slides for the specific fields and adjusting them according to new co-ordinates.

In the 2nd phase, two different shifts of Scounts and Guides participate directly in activities in the public service camps of pilgrims in Mina and Arafat, document information in their survey booklets and then evaluate the generated data to cross-match them with the data by governmental institutions and other Tawaf organisations.

The 3rd and final phase after verification and review, involves the issuance of the guide book, general maps and slides.

Bilkisu Pai