Hajj 2018:Nigerian Pilgrims praise President Buhari for quality Hajj services

Hajia Sani, Madinah- Saudi Arabia


Nigerian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia have commended President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration for the quality of services rendered to them so far in this year’s Hajj.

The pilgrims praised in particular, the quality of the lodgings, meals served and close proximity of their hotels to the Haram Masjid An-Nabawi, the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH)Holy Mosque in Madinah.

Voice of Nigeria reports that Nigerian pilgrims performing the 2018 Hajj have been lodged in four or five star hotels, located around the Holy Mosque, which are accessible within a maximum of three minutes walk.

Quality services
The co-ordinator of the National Hajj Commission’s operations in Madinah, Alhaji Ahmad Maigari while inspecting the facilities on Wednesday, said: “Nahcon has undertaken all the necessary, adequate arrangements for the happiness of all Nigerian pilgrims in the city of Madinah and all places of worship in the Holy Land. I personally visited all the accommodation currently housing Nigerian pilgrims and saw the beauty of the hotels, their closeness to Haram and discovered that the walking distance to the Haram is between one and three minutes only,” Alhaji Ahmad stated.

Praise for NAHCON
Nigerian pilgrims also praised the dedication and diligence of all the officials of the National Hajj Commission for the quality of care they have been providing to pilgrims.

Health First
The Nahcon co-ordinator of Madinah operations however, cautioned pilgrims to avoid eating unwholesome foods.

During an unscheduled inspection of the accomodation and other facilities and services for pilgrims performing the 2018 Hajj, he said he was on the visit to confirm first hand, the type of breakfast served to the pilgrims and to ascertain that they met set standards in terms of quality, quantity and timely delivery.

Alhaji Ahmad urged the pilgrims to eat in restuarants provided for them rather than opt to eat out, to prevent health hazards.

Latest arrivals
On Wednesday morning, Nahcon officials received in Madinah, the 3rd batch of 558 pilgrims from Kaduna, the 3rd batch of 401 pilgrims along with 34 officials from the FCT and the 1st batch of 420 pilgrims from Kebbi state.

The 4th batch of 225 pilgrims and 11 officials, comprising 144 males and 81 females from the FCT, have also landed in Madinah and were promptly received and allocated hotels, before being served breakfast.

Their arrival brougt the total number of flights from Nigeria to 17 and total airlifted pilgrims so far to 7,193.

Nahcon has also confirmed that a 2nd batch of 436 pilgrims from Sokoto were enroute to Madinah.

The flight, which departed from Sokoto International Airport at 12:27 hours, is the 18th from Nigeria and has on board 275 males and 161 females, bringing the total number of airlifted pilgrims to 7,629.

Similarly, the 19th flight from Nigeria has also left Kebbi State, with 419 pilgrims.

The Madinah-bound flight took off at 15:40 hours with 320 males and 99 female pilgrims, totalling 8,048 airlifted pilgrims.

In addition, another Jeddah-bound flight departed from Ilorin at 16:39 hours on Wednesday, with 559 Kwara state pilgrims.

The contingent is made up of 247 males and 312 females, on the 20th flight from Nigeria.

Total airlifts now stands at 8,607 Nigerian pilgrims.

Bilkisu Pai