Halloway: My wife inspired me to take on movie-directing


Anis Halloway, a Sierra Leonian born Artiste cum Creative Director, says his wife encouraged him to embrace directing as a profession in spite of his initial pursuit of music.

He made this known in Lagos.

Halloway won the 2020 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) for Best TV Series Drama/Comedy for “Truth”, a crime drama series available for streaming on Showmax.

He came into limelight as a contestant on the second season of the Project Fame and then went on to release several singles like “Speechless” and “Gimme Something” after his run on the show.

Halloway had since directed shows like “Hustle”, “Unmarried” also on Showmax and the award-winning “Truth” which was his first personal project and starred veteran actress, Sola Sobowale, amongst others.

In spite of my initial pursuit of music, I have always had interest in films.

“I met my wife and sometimes you go through the transition where you have a partner and you’re not just thinking selfishly about everything because with the passion of music, anything you make, you want to put it in music.

“You’re actually very talented. I’ve seen what you do, I’ve seen how you creatively interpret things and I think you should really direct.

“ When I was growing up I was really fascinated by films.

“I wanted to do films but when I was growing up in the eighties in Sierra Leone, there was really no facility to do that. So I kind of naturally gravitated toward music because my mum was also a guitarist,” he said.


Speaking on his AMVCA win, Halloway said while he was hoping to win, he was rooting for Uche Odo who was nominated for her show “Life As It Is” to win.

I was actually rooting for Uche Odo to win because I have known her since I was a presenter at Nigezie all the way back in 2009.

“She was a model then; she hadn’t started film nor was I directing or producing film. I was really just doing presenting then.

“So in our category, if I wanted anybody to win, it would have been her. I was actually even thinking she was going to win and they called my name and I was like `Oh my God`,” he said.


He also added that there were plans in the pipeline for a cinema-targeted crime thriller movie as well as putting his home country Sierra Leone on the map.

When I won this award, everybody was calling me.

“My Facebook was hot and the phrase that I got was ‘oh you’ve put Sierra Leone on the map’ and it’s an amazing mindset.

“It meant so much to them that I would celebrate the fact that I’m from this country (Sierra Leone).

“So, it would be a letdown for me to forget where I was born and bred till I was 20 years old, to not go back there and contribute my quota to the film industry,” he said.