‘Health insurance still best option for quality healthcare delivery’


The Chief Executive Officer of Total Health Trust, Nick Zaranyika, has advised Nigerians seeking quality health care delivery to key into the health insurance plans of the Federal Government and private providers.

Speaking during an event recently held in Lagos as part of the activities marking the 21st anniversary of the company, Zaranyika said that the out-of-pocket payment plan was not the best option for people in need of good health care.

He said his company was committed to adding value to health insurance and building a formidable reputation in Nigeria.

Total Health Trust’s vision is to provide Nigerians with access to affordable quality health care, while creating a sustainable environment in which health care providers can deliver services.

The company’s success as a leading HMO in Nigeria attracted interest from an international investor, which led to the introduction of a new innovative comprehensive fee for service health insurance product in Nigeria, which provides subscribers the freedom of choice when accessing health care.

We manage health care so that our customers and our partners can thrive. We know that a wealthy nation depends on healthy citizens,” he said.

Zaranyika noted that if given the quality of health care they desire, Nigerians would be happy to trust health insurance service providers.