Healthy lifestyle: Medical expert calls for regular exercise


A consultant physician in Nasarawa state, Dr Oluwabunmi Ogungbemi, has underscored the need for regular exercise to reduce blood pressure, emotional stress and enhance psychological well-being.

The consultant said engaging in regular exercise prevents metabolic syndrome and also makes the body systems respond to insulin, thereby preventing diabetes and other diseases.

She described metabolic syndrome as a cluster of conditions that occur together, thereby increasing the risk of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes.

According to her, the importance of exercise cannot be over-emphasised.

“Science has shown that exercises can go a long way in bringing down blood pressure and also making body systems response to insulin become normal. And this can go a long way in preventing diabetes; and also prevent what is called metabolic syndrome; it helps in emotional and psychological well-being.”

Ogungbemi also explained that regular exercise increases blood flow to all parts of the body.

According to her, there are appropriate exercises which people of particular age groups can engage in.

“When we talk about exercise, we do not mean that you will do strenuous exercise; it depends on the age group. There are age appropriate exercises; this is because a 50-year-old man is not expected to engage in exercise that is meant for a 25-year-old. Sometimes as little as walking around the estate every day for at least 30 minutes can be classified as exercise for person of 50 to 60 age bracket. Exercise in younger adults can be a little more active; they can run, jog, play football, table tennis and jump. All of these constitute exercises they can engage in at least three to four times a week.”

She advised both old and young persons to engage in regular exercise in order to stay healthier and live longer.

Bilkisu Pai