Heatwave boosts water business in Enugu


Sachet water hawkers in Enugu metropolis are presently making brisk business with rising demand for the commodity, due to the increasing heatwave.

The reports state that there was a similar increase in the demand for fruits as a result of heat.

It was observed that most of the hawkers have consequently raised their daily purchases to meet the increased demand.

Some of them, who spoke on the issue in an interview with NAN, admitted there was a boost in daily sales and income from both businesses.

Mrs Mary Chukwu, a banana seller at Amokwe Bus-Stop in Achara Layout, said that she had recorded great improvement in sales since the dry season set in.

Chukwu said that their business witnessed a lull during the rainy season, adding that business had been revived by the dry season.

“It is not easy with me doing this business in the rainy season because I hardly finish my banana in a day and people find it difficult to patronise us during the rainy season.

“But with the hot weather, I am always busy attending to customers,” she said.

Miss Ifeoma Ojukwu, an orange, paw-paw and pineapple seller at Mayor Market, said that she always diverted from fruits to other business during the rainy season.

Ojukwu further said that immediately the dry weather set in, she quickly returned to fruit business again.

“I usually come out early enough because from 10 a.m., customers have started coming to ask for fruits due to the hot weather,” she said.

She said that she usually made between N10,000 and N15, 000 profit daily in the dry season as against the N7,000 and N5,000 made during rainy season.

At Kenyatta Market, Mrs Uzoma Ilodibe, a widow, said she had been in the fruit business for about five years and that she enjoyed increased patronage during the dry season.

“I have been in this business for about five years and it has been helping me seriously because there is much gain in it.

“The important condition is that one must know how to preserve and keep the items clean,” she said.

A buyer, Mr Austin Eze, said he usually bought fruits, including orange, paw-paw, apple and banana, during the period of heat because he enjoyed fruits, when stored in the refrigerator.

Mrs Vera Onyia, a dealer in sachet water, said that the hot season usually attracted many customers to her, thereby increasing her daily sales.

“I hardly finished three bags of water in a day during the rainy season but now, l sell between 10 bags and 15 bags daily, especially when they are cold,’’ she said.

Master Ikechi Ogbodo, a sachet water hawker, said that the hot season provided him an opportunity to make some money to assist his parents.

“By the time l come back from school by 2.30 p.m, l sell between five and seven bags of sachet water before 7 p.m.

“With this, l buy my books and toiletries needed in our home,’’ Ogbodo said.

Suzan O