Heavy rains hamper locals, businesses in Uganda’s capital Kampala


Heavy rains in Uganda have affected many people and businesses, wrecking havoc in parts of the country’s capital Kampala.

Locals and businesses have been hard hit. At a local car washing bay which is the main source of livelihood for several locals, at least three cars were washed away due to flood waters.

Julius Mukwasi, a local car wash staff said “We have had issues of flooding here but actually there has been no solutions here. There has been nothing to assist us”.

At least eight (8) people have died in flash flooding, with roads cut off and widespread damage due to heavy rains.

Some five hundred (500) people have been displaced in suburban and rural areas on the outskirt of Kampala.

In Kame Valley, some 25 km out of Kampala, significant damage was recorded after a heavy downpour on Saturday. Crops were swept way and many households were affected.

Uganda’s Red Cross Society has launched a sensitization campaign to raise awareness about the effects of floods and diseases that may arise as a result of stagnated water.