Heavy rains kill 28 in northeastern Ghana


At least 28 people have died as a result of heavy rains that have been falling for a week in northeastern Ghana,according to rescue services.

George Ayisi, spokesman for the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) said “We have so far counted 28 dead. About 640 people in six communities had to leave their homes, we relocated them’’.

About 286 houses collapsed as a result of the disaster, making life difficult for the population. Most of the displaced have lost their personal belongings  clothes, valuables, money,” he added.

Mr. Ayasi also noted that the meteorological service has informed that the rains will last until the first week of November, so we must be prepared for everything in this region located more than 800 km from the capital Accra.

According to NADMO, a total of 46 people were killed in heavy rains and floods this year in Ghana, where these phenomena are frequent.