Hong Kong consulate employee ‘detained at China border’


The UK Foreign office has expressed concern over reports that a Hong Kong consulate employee has been detained at the Chinese border.

Media reports say Simon Cheng, who is thought to be from Hong Kong, is believed to have gone missing on August 8, while on a business trip.

The Foreign Office spokesman said it was “seeking further information from authorities in Guangdong Province and Hong Kong.

“We are concerned by reports that a member of our team has been detained while returning to Hong Kong from Shenzhen” he added.

Reports say that Mr Cheng is a trade and investment officer at the Scottish Development International section of the consulate.

It says he travelled to a business event in Shenzhen on August 8, via the Lo Wu immigration control point.

His girlfriend said that, “he had planned to travel home by train the same day, but did not return.”

Security measures
Travellers have described heightened security measures at the border between Hong Kong and China, as Beijing looks to curb anti-government protests in Hong Kong which it has called “close to terrorism.”

Recent travellers have reported that everyone passing through the border from Hong Kong into mainland China were subject to police checks on the mainland side, with officers taking people’s phones and scrutinising their photos and videos.


Christopher Ojilere