House advocates adequate facilities in sea-ports


Lawan Hamidu, Abuja.

The Nigerian House of Representatives is to organise a one-day round table stakeholders meeting on the need to provide adequate facilities to effectively secure the nation’s sea-ports.

This followed adoption of a motion under matters of urgent public importance sponsored by Mr Nicholas Osai, a member from Delta State.

Mr. Nicholas Osai, described secured marine sector as the mainstay of the economy of most developed countries.

He said the absence of advanced technology signifies port congestion, delays in clearance and reduction in business activities.

“The absence of the scanning machines and other facilities slows down the clearing of goods which leads to undue demur-rage and unnecessary congestion of the ports, this he stated is against the tenets of the ease of doing business.

This motion is aimed at ensuring increased revenue for budget funding,” Mr. Ossai Ossai stated.

Contributing to the debate, a member from Borno State, Mr. Haruna Mishelia described manual checking of goods at the ports as counterproductive, explaining that not more should be done to improve services at the ports.

He said “The motion would fast-track the process of checking goods and make it more efficient as some goods are not easily accessible to the human eye.”

Contributing, Mr. Bamidele Salami called for the Nigerian clearing system to be at par with what is obtainable internationally which would enhance efficiency in the sector.


Lateefah Ibrahim