House committee demands effective representation of women in governance

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja


The Nigerian House of Representatives’ Committee on Women in Parliament has pledged to relate with other African parliaments and the Commonwealth Women in Parliament to ensure effective representation of women in political positions.

This was to ensure gender balance as well as tackle issues of rights and abuses.

The Chairperson of the Committee Mrs. Taiwo Oluga disclosed this during the Committee’s inaugural meeting where the women lawmakers adopted an action plan for their operations.

Mrs. Oluga said the Committee will liaise with the Senate leadership on issues relating to women representation in government to achieving the 35% women incision in governance at all levels.

“The Committee would take the classic example of success of women in politics in Rwanda with 68% of women population as lawmakers and 50% as Cabinet members and Supreme Court Judges.” The lawmaker added.

She said that the Committee will work in partnership with Ministry of Women Affairs, NAPTIP and sister agencies to curb incidences of human trafficking, female child prostitution and defend the  provisions of the Child Rights Act.

The lawmaker while calling for more active involvement of women into elective positions at the National and State Houses of Assemblies also decried a situation where only eleven women were elected into the National Legislature saying it is not acceptable.

She said “The Committee would be organizing an annual Women in Parliament Week where distinguished women from all over the world will be presenting papers on issues affecting women and other mentorship sessions for young girls.”

A member of the Committee Dr. Zainab Gimba challenged the Committee to ensure that Nigerian women are well trained and equipped to vie for leadership positions in regional and international Parliamentary Organizations.