House investigates non-implementation of plastic ban policy

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja


The House of Representatives is to investigate the circumstances surrounding the non- implementation of plastic policy with a view to ensure the reduction of nylon and plastic pollution in the Nigerian society.

The House further urged the Nigerian Ministry of Environment to carry out a sustainable campaign on the dangers of nylon and plastic wastes and to as a matter of urgency initiate a programme for collection and recycling of plastic wastes across the country.

These resolutions followed the adoption of a motion titled: “Need to Curtail Nylon and Plastic Pollution” at the plenary on Tuesday.

Mr. Chukwuka Umeoji from Anambra State while debating the motion noted that over 15% of solid wastes generated in major cities across the country are from nylons and plastics

He further noted that “Due to inadequate supply of drinking water in most homes, most households resort to sachet water thereby generating large volume of wastes.

It is with great concerns that the burning of nylons and plastics wastes caused air pollution due to the release of poisonous gases into the air which jeopardize public health and deplete ozone layer.”

The lawmaker also noted and informed the House that organic waste poses a lesser hazard to the environment due to its easy decomposition while organic wastes like nylon and plastics constitutes serious environmental hazards because it takes more than 30 years for them to decompose.