House of Representatives directs suspension of Nigeria’s contribution to LCBC

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja


The Nigerian House of Representatives has directed an immediate suspension of the country’s contribution to the Lake Chad Commission.
The decision was to ensure prudent management of public fund to serve the purpose.

Presenting the motion under matters of urgent public importance, Abubakar Chika Adamu from Niger State expressed concern that the management of the Commission has disregard of the Nigerian parliament on the issue of alleged misappropriation of the commission’s fund.

“The House Committee on LCBC in his pursuance of his mandate to investigate alleged mismanagement, lawlessness and misappropriation in the commission, invited the Executive Secretary and other relevant officers of the Commission to answer the questions raised but the Committee’s invitation was shunned by both the Executive Secretary and other relevant officers of Lake Chad Basin Commission.” Mr. Chika argued.

While adopting the motion, suggested interface with Ministers of the LCBC (Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroun) as well as regional parliament members to conduct forensic audit of all LCBC’s financial transactions.

Speaker Yakubu Dogara while commenting said the House will not appropriate funds for organization that the house cannot trace the fund which contravene the directives of both the President and the House (Parliament) claiming diplomatic immunity.

“If immunity can solve his problems, may be immunity can now fund his operations. He should claimed immunity in funding his operations.” Mr. Dogara stressed.

The Speaker directed chairmen of all relevant committees and legislative compliance not to appropriate money for the running of the agency unless it responded to summon of the LCBC committee.

Nigeria is the major contributor to the Lake Chad Commission’s fund for the development of Lake Chad, shrunk due to climate change effect on the region.

The Lake serves as source of livelihood to millions of people mostly farmers and fishermen, from Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroun.

Ime N