How clean technologies create job opportunities, promote innovation

Mazino Dickson


A new study shows that trade in environmentally sound technologies can foster new industries, jobs, and income growth in developing countries.

The research, featured in the report ‘Trade in Environmentally Sound Technologies: Perspectives from Developing Countries’, highlights the importance of developing countries for future trade in environmentally sounds technologies and the need for their increased involvement.

The report, published by UN Environment’s Environment and Trade Hub, Oxford University’s Technology and Management Centre for Development and the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology suggests that building knowledge and capacity is critical to support developing countries in assessing the opportunities and challenges of the trade in clean technologies.

It identifies developing countries that have transited from net importers to net exporters of clean technologies by embracing international trade and investment, which has enabled them to build up their technology and production capacity.

“The findings from this study offer important insights that can support and enable developing countries to objectively assess and understand the opportunities, benefits and challenges of liberalized trade in clean technologies,” Anja von Moltke from UN Environment said.

“Investing in trade, innovation and use of clean technologies can drive sustainable development by tackling climate change, building resilience and supporting the achievement of the Global Goals and the Paris Agreement.”

The project was supported by the European Commission through the Global Public Goods and Challenges Programme.