How Google app measures greenhouse gas emissions in Europe


The fight to ensure a very healthy environment by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions has taken a new dimension.


Tech giant unveiled its greenhouse gas tracking app – Environmental Insights Explorer.

This app uses unique Google data sources and modeling capabilities to produce estimates of activity, emissions, and reductions, and makes them freely available.

By surfacing environmental information in a robust platform, we serve decision makers and solution providers, and foster new research into climate issues and solutions for cities globally.

The Environmental Insights Explorer is able to:

  • Estimate consumption in commercial and residential buildings, based on Google map data for building size and type.
  • Estimate consumption by all trips, on all roads, and by any mode, that start or end within the city boundary, based on aggregated and anonymized location history data.
  • Estimates for solar production potential of all buildings in a region, based on shade models, weather patterns, and roof size.
  • Reveal future weather computed in Google’s Earth Engine using models that account for the impact of greenhouse gas concentrations in a business-as-usual scenario.


For now, this app has been deployed in European and North American cities.