How we can solve problem of gas flaring – Minister


The Federal Executive Council has agreed on new strategies to help in eliminating the problem of gas flaring in the country.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr.Ogbonnaya Onu said one way to eliminate the problem is to convert the natural gas to methanol. He gave the information at the Presidential Villa, Abuja,

“One way to help us completely solve this problem of gas flaring is to convert the natural gas into methanol. Methanol is a liquid that finds use in virtually all sectors of the economy.

 You can use methanol for transportation,” he said.

He also said it can be used in place of diesel for trucks because it is cheaper and environmentally friendly.

“Also, our people in the rural areas can use methanol for cooking so that it would replace kerosene which creates sooth and darkens your pot but methanol does not have that. It is very clean”, he added.

Gas flaring is the burning of natural gas that is associated with crude oil when it is pumped up from the ground. In petroleum-producing areas where insufficient investment was made in infrastructure to utilize natural gasflaring is employed to dispose of this associated gas.