Indian ‘disputed’ region in communications blackout

Kashmir is one of the world's most militarised zones.

Indian administered Kashmir remains in a state of lockdown a day after it was stripped of a special status that gave it significant autonomy.

Telephone networks and the internet which were cut off on Sunday evening are yet to be restored even as tens of thousands of troops patrol the streets.

The revocation of special status was expected to trigger widespread protests, but there is no word on how people have reacted to the news, as local leaders have also been detained.

The Himalayan region of Kashmir is claimed in its entirety by both India and Pakistan, but they each control only parts of it.

There is a long-running separatist insurgency on the Indian side, which has led to thousands of deaths.

According to a reporter who managed to speak to colleagues in Delhi on Monday, said: “No-one knows what is happening in other parts of the State, we can’t talk to anyone else. People are concerned – they don’t know what is happening, they don’t know what is going to happen.”

Kashmiris in other parts of the country have said that they are unable to get through to their families and that they are worried and scared.

One Delhi-based student told the Indian Express newspaper that he had even tried calling the local police station to ask about his family but to no avail.


Christopher Ojilere