INEC REC urges Nigerian youths to embrace peace

Igbogi-Green Imelda, Calabar


The Resident Electoral Commissioner of INEC, Cross River State, South-South, Nigeria, Dr, Frankland Briyai had urged Nigerian youths to embrace peace and avoid violent behaviours in the society.

Dr, Frankland Briyai, made the call in an interview with Voice of Nigeria at the INEC head office in Calabar, the Capital of Cross River State, South, South, Nigeria after receiving ‘’Imperial Peace Ambassador prize award’’ by the Commonwealth Students/Youths, Federation for Peace.

‘’For you to have a peaceful environment, you just have to be a lover of peace. My award today is christened ’Imperial Peace Ambassador’’ meaning that I am an ambassador of peace. Youths should not do things that will not bring peace to their environment or to their families. They should understand that there must be misunderstanding, disputes or argument between people, families and communities but the best way is to come to the dialog table to laid your grievance and there you trash it out’’.

Dr, Frankland Briyai, went further to explain the various strategies the commission used to obtain peaceful and successful elections in the state during the last general election in Nigeria.

“We apply various strategies that INEC used nation-wide such as voter education and publicity, we engaged traditional rulers, clergies, the youths, people living with disabilities, market women, all classes of human beings were engaged, our jingle and flyers were everywhere’’.

We engaged the securities services, we work hand in hand. The security was perfectly carried out by the security operatives, we also reached out to people that we believe that will cause trouble or problems during the elections, especially the youths. We had engagement with every class of the youths assuring them that we will be very free and fair, and not going to be compromised, and they should not be used as political thugs, they should understand that they also will be great if they kept themselves the way the society want them to be, the messages went deep into their hearts and lots of the youths were been able to absent themselves from been used as political thugs. Dr, Frankland Briyai, added.

Useful Information
He also stated that the Media also played outstanding roles during the elections by given out useful information to the public at that crucial time. ‘’ we consulted the main stream and online media, and during consultations, we had several programmes with them and they took their time to ensure that the state were not elegist for problem and they reported the success of the elections.

A member of one of the security agencies in Cross River State, Dr. Cletus Nwaadiogbu said he was excited about the award given to Dr. Frankland Briyai and he described the award ceremony as a great one because awards are motivations to people, ‘’This award shows that he has really worked hard and will propel him to work harder in future and to make those of us who are witnessing today to work hard’’.

He went further to describe the relationship Dr. Frankland Briyai has with the security agencies in Cross River State before, during and after the elections. ‘’ the relationship is a very perfect one, all the security agencies rally round him before, during and after the elections, we ensure that he has no problem and that the field was smooth for the INEC to operate’’.


President of the Commonwealth Students/Youths, Federation for Peace, Comr. K.A.Suleh, while explaining the essence of presenting the award to Dr. Frankland Briyai by the union, stated that‘’the Resident Commissioner administered justice to make sure that the will of the people came to bear. If there was no peace during the election, there would be curious, so the peace that was witnessed before, during and after the elections was the reason we came to solarise with him. He is a leader and also someone that mentors people, he is a transformational leader wherever he goes, he transforms, that is why we came here to appreciate what he is doing and to also engage him to continue.

He also noted that Dr. Frankland Briyai, was the only awardee the union has this year. ‘’We have honoured other Nigerians previously, but for 2019, Dr. Frankland Briyai, is our sole, ‘’Imperial Peace Ambassador’’.

At the peak of the award ceremony, the president of Commonwealth Students/Youths, Federation for Peace, Comr. K.A.Suleh, handed over a Cap, a gold medal and also a glassy trophy to Dr. Frankland Briyai.

He went further to hand over an award also to the working -machinery of INEC in Cross River State.

In the same vein, the Cross River State Resident Commissioner Dr. Frankland Briyai, gave gifts to some security agencies in the state, in recognitions of their hard work during the last general election in the state. These agencies include Police Force, Nigeria Navy and Nigeria Immigration among others.  

The ‘’Imperial Peace Ambassador prize’ ’award was given to Dr. Frankland Briyai for the recognition for peace and successful elections that INEC Cross River State conducted in the 2019 general elections both the Presidential/National Assemble and the Governorship/State Assemble elections.

The Commonwealth Students/Youths, Federation for Peace is an umbrella body that covers all students and youths within the Commonwealth States in Africa, the body encourages peaceful co-existence among member states and also encourages individuals, public office holders whose actions and policies are according to their objectives of peace and development.