Information Technology not optimally in use in Nigeria-NITDA

Na’ankwat Dariem, Abuja


The Nigerian Information Technology Development, NITDA, says only 4.7% of Federal Government Institutions use IT effectively in carrying out government services.

The Director General of NITDA, Dr. Isa Pantami disclosed this in Abuja, during a Stakeholder’s meeting and presentation of a draft document on Nigeria Government Enterprise Architecture(NGEA)

Dr Pantami said it was discovered from survey of 106 participating Federal MDAs done in August,2018, that 66.04 percent and 4.72 percent of them are at the first stage and last of the e-Government Development Index (EGDI)

“The first is emerging stage means MDAs’ use of IT is limited to websites offering basic information online while transformation stage means the way each MDA or government agencies. From this empirical study, the implication is only about 4.7precent of federal Public Institutions are using IT in somewhat efficient manner where some transaction leading to delivery of government services are completed and carried out through a single website or portal even if those transaction require action and business processes from two or more government agencies,” he said.

Dr Pantami said in addressing this dichotomy and challenges, ICT needs to be integrated into all development and transformation options, reforms and plans of the government .

He noted that the discovery necessitates thinking globally and acting locally attitude.

“Thinking globally to address these challenges requires building foundation for execution, especially in the areas of IT infrastructure and digitized business processes for automating government core capabilities for digital transformation. Foundation for execution requires a strategic framework that articulates how IT will be deployed and coordinated in government to create the expected value,” he noted.

In view of this, the agency came up with a new approach and had a rethink of e-Governance implementation with a Nigerian Government Enterprise Architecture (NGEA that best represents the desired transformation vision of the country .

The Director General said: “The government operating model articulates how the government is going to adapt and use IT to drive its business and different sectors of the economy. Enterprise Architecture Framework ensure people, processes, technology and other resources are better aligned with IT through standardized and inter-operable technology platform we are building foundation for execution.

“The framework encourages shared IT infrastructure, service re-usability but discourages duplication of IT system.

“Lastly, the IT engagement model governs IT behavior in order to ensure ever IT project achieve its objectives and expected value.”