Institute concludes environmental impact survey of Lagos, makes recommendations



The Environmental Impact Survey team from the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) assigned to Lagos State has concluded its assignment and issued recommendations to mitigate crisis.

The 10-day survey took the IPCR team to the country sides of the state to find out those environment impact-induced things that could lead to crisis.

The assignment had security undertone , food security, social welfare and solution to ecological problems, in order to nip crises in the bud.

The team led by Mr. Emeka Mba, an Assistant Director with IPCR, recommended that there should be collaboration with traditional institutions to create sustainable peace-building system to mediate in conflict situations in communities.

There should be a scale up in the role of NGOs and civil societies in peace-building and reconciliation.

There is need for government to begin conservation activities in communities prone to environmental degradation to stop the mass movement of inhabitants from their area to other areas because of environmental emergencies.

Climate change awareness campaign should be intensified to create community resilience at combating climate change effects.

Nigerian government needs to provide support in restoration of livelihood, capacity building, empowerment, waste management, vaccination and primary healthcare services in disaster areas to stem frustration and anguish,” he said.

According to Mbah, the team co-opted locals into the work to ensure the survey meets required desire.

He said the implementation of the recommendations will aid Federal and State Governments in nipping crisis in the bud.