Insurgency costs Borno lots of resources – Commissioner

Nokai Origin, Borno 

Borno state commissioner for Information, Mr. Mohammed Bulama

The presence of insurgency in Borno State has cost the State a lot because a lot of services were interrupted by the activities of Boko Harram.

The Commissioner for Information, Mr. Mohammed Bulama stated this in the state capital, Maiduguri.

In an interview with Voice of Nigeria, Mr. Bulama revealed that a lot of schools were concentrated in Maiduguri because of the heat of the insurgency in local government areas.

But with tha not withstanding, a lot of the areas affected have so far been revitalised where needed while alot of reconstruction and and rehabilitation has also been going on to see that the state gets backs on its feet.

He praised the governor Shetima led administration for achieving alot in the state despite the challenges brought about by Boko Harram.

“We have done a lot of reconstruction, rehabilation in almost every area of human endeavour. We dedicated a huge shunk of money meant for developmental projects to assist the federal government to fight the insurgency, by providing alot of the logistics, accommodation, office and other things to the military aside catering for all the IDPs” said Bulama.

He further stated that there are only two local governments that are holding their elections in Maiduguri out of the twenty seven local governments in the state which shows a lot of the local governments are back on their feet.

He also revealed that one or two local government are conducting their elections in mongonu.